Seal Of Approval

Livable Design’s Seal of Approval provides verification that home environments meet the Livable Design standards. Builders simply integrate the design guidelines into their own unique floor plans. All designs then go through a formal review process, resulting in a seal of approval at one of three levels.

3 Levels of Approval







Core Criteria
Core Criteria
Achieve Gold
18 Builder’s
Choice Features
28 Builder’s
Choice Features
Additional 10

What are the benefits?

A home is more than just a house. For most people, a home is an investment, a place for a  family to grow and where memories are created.  A Livable Design home not only adds value  for the families living there, but also provides builders with a differential advantage in  the marketplace.



Broadens the market of potential buyers Features that appeal to a wider range of buyers for added resale potential
Provides a unique sales and marketing advantage A home that can change with your lifestyle without the need for expensive remodels
Third party approval gives buyers confidence in your product Functional home design elements that make everyday living easier
Thoughtful design elements create a livable product with the consumer in mind A home that welcomes all of your friends and family regardless of age or ability
  • Kevin Coates, President, The Advantage Group

    Having sold over 12,000 New Homes, we are thrilled today to have the opportunity to make a difference in the way homes are being built – that difference is called Livable Design.  Livable Design offers all of us a choice…the choice to live in a home that doesn’t “hurt” us, no matter what happens in our lives.

    – Kevin Coates, President, The Advantage Group